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Export Tax Incentives Consulting

Reduce your tax rate on export profits from 35% to 15%
Minimize the time and resources to achieve the results

Centerprise Group is a leading authority on structuring and managing the IC-DISC export tax incentive.

The IC-DISC export incentive allows US companies to reduce their tax rate on export profits from 35% to 15%.

Your company may qualify for the IC-DISC tax benefit if you:
  • Sell / distribute products that are partially manufactured in the US which ultimately are shipped outside the US; and/or
  • Provide services outside the US

IC-DISC structures are complex and require a specialized consulting firm during the formation process and for ongoing operations to ensure approval by the IRS. Our national team of tax specialists is dedicated full time to this area of the tax code and has the expertise to help ensure your company receives the maximum benefit available.



Centerprise Group can provide:

The Centerprise Group Approach 

Through our proprietary processes, tools and software, Centerprise provides the highest quality service and product deliverable in the industry. Our approach is focused on maximizing the IC-DISC benefits while minimizing your time and resources necessary to achieve these results.